The Dream Team

Thank you to the wonderful 2017 crew and volunteers who are making this year another success! Stay tuned to see who is helping and contact us to get involved.


Koroseal Houston
IIDA Houston City Center
Philanthropy Chair 2017-2018


Jennifer Brugliera is Territory Manager for the Koroseal Houston Hospitality market. After graduating from Texas A&M, she spent the first half of her professional life as an art consultant and designer before joining the vendor side of the industry six years ago. She has volunteered for various IIDA events throughout her career, and this is her final year co-producing Product Runway while proudly serving as the IIDA Houston City Center Community Service Co-Chair.


Ana Davidson

Ferguson Rice
IIDA Houston City Center
Philanthropy Chair 2017-2018


Ana is a multi-line rep with Ferguson Rice, representing Bernhardt Design, Bernhardt Textiles, Carnegie Fabrics, and Datesweiser. A proud University of Houston alumni (GO COOGS!), Ana has spent that past 12 years contributing to the Houston design industry. Her passion for IIDA and giving back to the community has led her to this position as the IIDA Houston City Center Community Service Co-Chair.


VIP and After Party Committee Lead

Lisa Pezzia

Underwriting Liaison

Karen Wetmore

Backdrop Liaison

Lexi Stroescu

Judge’s Liaison

Jessy Fuller Longbotham

Award Presenter Coordinator

Kristina Lopez

Intermission Graphics

Law Stewart

Graphic design and Website

Daphne Yuanidis



Kathryn Williams, Erica Chingos, Kip Alstaetter, Shannah O’Neill, Jennifer Trenta, Ingrid Bender


Back of House Crew

Jane Medina, Kate Barkmann, Kari Nave, Alyssa Turner, Jaelin Knapper, Cece Zamora


Front of House Crew

Kressia Rodriguez, Kimberly Serrano, Guillermo Ortiz, Jessy Longbotham, Karen Wetmore, Suzanne Guttman, Andy Guttman, Cece Zamora, Shelly Rebollar, Rhonnika Clifton, Sarah Broussard, Carla Whitten, Heather Barlow, Kory Doolittle


Jason Pryor, Yancy Valles, Jennifer Jimenez, Annette Eisenman, Xuan Lu, Eileen Zachar, McKenzi Maxwell, Anna Mitchell, Diana Galvan, Miguel Avila