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Critical Dates

Monday, January 7th
Event Underwriting, Design Team Registration and Garment Label registration opens

Friday, January 11th
Early Bird Registration closes

Wednesday, February 6th
Design Team Registration and Garment Label registration closes

Wednesday, February 13th
Team Reveal at J.Tyler
(additional details to be announced)

Thursday, February 28th
Fashion 101 at Workplace Solutions
(additional details to be announced)

Friday, March 29th
Deadline to notify producers about team stylist and escort

Friday, April 12th
Team Portfolios and Posters and Music
(cut by team to 1 min. 30 sec.) due by end of the business day

Thursday, April 18th
Garment Judging at WH&L spaces
(additional details to be announced)

Friday, April 26th
PRODUCT RUNWAY @ Revention Music Center
(details to be announced)




Support Product Runway 2018!

Every single underwriting level is absolutely vital to the success of this event. To see the benefits of each in detail, download the Underwriter Package using the button below. Follow the Register link below to secure your underwriting level today!  Early Bird pricing discounts ends on February 24th.





Participate in the Runway Show!

Register below to sign up your team of (5) to enter the design competition.  We have a 20 team roster this year; first come first served.  Team Registration closes February 6th, so wrangle your most fashionable and creative co-workers now!

Be sure and download the Rules & Regulations package to learn more about the expectations of team members.



Garment Labels

Participate in the Runway Show!

There are two Garment Labels available for each team this year.  If you're an industry partner or vendor in the greater Houston community, please follow the Register link below to participate.  Providing the unconventional materials for each garment is an essential part of this competition!  

Be sure and download the Rules & Regulations package to learn more about the expectations of Garment Label Underwriters.



Questions &

How literal is the design challenge?

Design Teams are encouraged to use their theme as a source of inspiration to create an interpretive, innovative, avant garde garment.   


Is the material budget to be based on published cost of materials or wholesale cost?

Typically it’s wholesale cost, but can vary between different manufacturers.  The budget limitations are in place to protect everyone from overspending and to even the playing field as much as possible. Because each manufacturer’s products are priced at such different ranges and because each manufacturer supports their local reps with these types of events in different ways, this is somewhat of a variable.  If a design team wants to integrate scraps (items that technically have no cost and would be recycled or otherwise disposed of) they should work with their garment label to assign a cost of some sort to these items, even if just to cover the fees to ship the scraps to Houston.


What are the restrictions for multiple people on the runway show?

Each team may have one model on stage to display a single garment for judging. Teams may have an additional person on stage as part of the performance component. Any additional people that are included for the stage performance will not be judged on the day of garment judging. Teams must discuss incorporating any additional persons on stage for Product Runway with the producers prior to day of show.


Do all funds from team fundraising get directly turned over to the Furniture bank? If not, how are donations handled?

Funds are raised for Product Runway via underwriting, donations collected by teams, and ticket sales. Once expenses are covered, the remainder of the funds raised are donated directly to the Houston Furniture Bank, TAID, and to the IIDA Education Foundation.


Can a design team hire a seamstress to assist with construction of their garment? 

No. Outsourcing is not allowed. The garment must be completely designed and constructed by the design team members only.


Who will be allowed backstage on the day of Product Runway?

Each team will receive (2) backstage passes. At any given time the model + 2 additional team members are allowed backstage. Space backstage and in the dressing rooms is limited, and this rule is in place for the convenience of all teams. We will also provide each team with (1) additional backstage pass for an outside stylist, as needed.


What are the requirements and retrictions for using recycled materials from Zero Landfill on our garment?

Incorporating recycled items from Zero Landfill on your garment is completely optional. We ask that each team focus on the materials received from your garment labels and only use items from Zero Landfill to supplement your garments as needed. Items from Zero Landfill do not need to be accounted for within your budget, but they should be identified in your portfolio submission.


Are we restricted from incorporating soft materials from our hard good garment label line?

We understand that in some cases it is unrealistic to use ONLY soft materials from your soft good garment label and ONLY hard materials from your hard good garment label, so there is some flexibility allowed with this. We ask that you make your best effort to focus on hard or soft materials from each of your hard/soft garment labels, and use your best judgment when choosing materials.  Please also be mindful that creative use of materials is part of the judging criteria.  Hard materials are typically the most difficult to work with and the way in which you incorporate them into your garment is something that the judges will be paying close attention to.


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